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The Mountain Houses, have created a complete range of organic cosmetics, based on gentian, the emblematic plant of our mountains. 

Today, Yellow Gentian is used in organic cosmetics for its toning, purifying and anti-stress properties thanks to its famous "tonics". Its powerful active principles relax your skin and its regenerating agents have a soothing action. The stimulating properties of yellow Gentian combined To its healing and invigorating virtues make it possible to restore firmness and vitality to your skin.

For us, "Les Maisons de Montagne", the idea to develop a range of certified organic care in collaboration With a Vichy laboratory specializing in plant extraction, is to discover the little-known benefits of The Yellow Gentian, an emblematic plant of our Mountains. Register in this process with certifications "Organic cosmetics" and "ecocert" correspond to the idea we defend, namely a changing tourism Oriented towards the respect of the environment, the natural products and the know-how of the partners and local companies.

This range of organic certified organic products is developed:

- in Auvergne "Terre de Grands Espaces",

- whithout parabene,

- Without oils of animal origin,

- Without preservatives according to the requirements of respect for the environment specified by the cosmetic certification biologique Ecocert.

Recommandations : We recommend to apply our care with a cotton stem or a small spatula.

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Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream (50ml)

This care concentrated in natural active ingredients distresses, tones, soothes and unifies the complexion thanks to the yellow gentian. Shea butter hydrates, nourishes and protects your epidermis. The extract of witch hazel respects the most fragile skins. The acacia gum combats the effects of aging gives a sparkle and an immediate tensor. Recommendations: We recommend applying our care with a cotton stem or a small spatula.. 

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HRelaxing and toning massage oil (200ml)

Cette huile apaise la peau grâce à l’extrait de gentiane jaune.  
Coconut butter combined with sesame oil hydrates and softens
By contributing to the maintenance of the integrity of the cell membranes.

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Nutri-Regenerating Magic Serum (200ml)

This Magic Serum is composed of Restructuring Borage Oil and Rosewood allowing
To combat the effects of skin aging.

This treatment protects your epidermis and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Antioxidant Vitamin E Effectively Against Free Radicals

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Oil, Cream & Serum

GENTIANIDEAL Moisturizing Anti- Aging Cream (50ml)  

INSTANTIDEAL Relaxing and toning massage oil (200ml)
MATINIDEAL Nutri-Regenerating Magic Serum (200ml)