Hiking and recreation on the largest volcano in Europe 

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Randonnées et loisirs


Hiking and Recreation

Come and discover a breathtaking nature from the start of the village with marked trails. Discover the varied fauna and flora of our mountains according to the seasons with gentian, thoughts, fields of daffodils, arnica ...
The culture associated with nature: "Ma Montagne" by Camille Henrot in tribute to the buronniers. A little history with our castles of Pesteils, Messilhac, Anjony ... but also the cascades of the leap of the trout of the Capat, Faillitoux ...
For more varied activities within the village: exit in carriage with Mathilde or André and Nicolas and Laeticia of Cantal Mushing ..
Come live an unforgettable experience all the year:
With or without snow a walk and an encounter with the world of Nordic dogs is possible in Pailherols. Comfortably installed in a sleigh or in a kart with wheels, towed by our four-legged friends with touching eyes, you will otherwise discover the wild and authentic spaces of our Cantal.

Activities & Recreation in summer


Activities & Recreation in winter